What does it mean to live life to the MAX? This is the story of a journey exploring what it means to experience a life to its full & infinite potential!

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Decide Your Environment. Create Your Reality

Wherever we are we create our reality.
Often it stars simply by deciding what we choose our environment to be,
or more so how we choose to experience it.

See all of this world is our playground.
Is our arena. Is our office. Is our gym.
Is our oasis. Is our home.


It’s a matter of how we see it. One person can walk into an empty room or space as say this would be the perfect studio, or office, or club!
What determines this is how we decide to to see life.
It’s the story you have inside of you that creates your reality.

One can see scarcity where one sees opportunity.
One sees a treasure to what one saw as trash.
One can see loss or one can see growth.

So as you step out into your day – each room you walk into – decide what environment you want that to be.
And create your reality everywhere you are!



1 Month Left to Live

Imagine that this was the case in your life. Someone told you that in exactly 30 days you would seize to exist.

The circumstance could range from your body having a built up devastating virus, you’re in the midst of a warfare of greed & power that’s only getting worse, or because of a foretold prophecy that the “world would end” according to the calendar of a mystical ancient civilization.

Regardless of story, imagine for a moment that this was the truth that awaited you.. Or better yet play with the idea..


I want to share a piece of my own story as an example of what playing with this is able to produce.

See I have personally done just that since the start of September when I made the decision to take on this perspective of imagining the “world to end” on December 21,2012. With this in mind my view of life became altered in a way that I imagined having only a little over 3 months to bring my life to be all that I ever imagined it to be.

At the time I was in the midst of A Personal Pilgrimage Adventure that allowed me to experience life to a whole new level! Though soon after I was back home from my travels & exploration I realized that my true Pilgrimage of Transformation was just beginning.

The experiences I had on that trip made me tune in with the abundant possibilities of life – I went to Burning Man to experience a giving community, I meet two of my biggest real life superheroes (Richard Branson & Tony Robbins – both of which I shared a gift with), and I visited the city I was born in to experience true connection through the sound of silence. This lifestyle was something that I wanted to experience still now that I was home, yet it was a challenge to come even close to that frequency. This was something I confidently knew I was able to do, though it would take me overcoming some of my deepest fears to truly allow..

So I did just that. I stopped running away from all the areas I before avoided of my self & I faced them. It was truly one of the most challenging times of my life to uncover so much & realize how my resentment torward some of my past had impacted my life for so many years in a manner that didnt serve me to live one of my greatest values in life – JOY. I said enough is enough & I made one of the bravest decision I may have ever made in my life to let go.


By beginning this journey of letting go I felt as if this invisible though emmense burden I have forever carried was melting away. Then a magical thing happen, I began to feel space inside of me that I had almost never known to exist. And from this space I was now able to freely be more of who I always wanted to be.

I discovered that I could be a marketing consultant completely on my own, & by October I had my 1st paying client who I was proud to provide my services too. I was able to take the stage at two business conference to groups of people that were eager to receive my gifts & wisdom. I even took on the role I have always dreamed of by being a dedicated life coach with someone who reached out to ask for my counsel from another part of the world.

More importantly I was able to focus on myself & connect with my full being! I made deep connections with amazing people at a level that was even stronger than what I was used to instantly sharing. Plus I was now developing the courage to experience my life purpose & gift of “helping create communities of infinite potential!” I was at last allowing my self to share my greatness that I know I am destined to be.


That’s has been my story that I share with you to provide a glimpse of an example to what embarking on this journey could potentially be for you. I’ve learned a great deal recently that we are all on our own adventure & the last thing we should do is compare ourselves to the lives of others. However, I do encourage you to observe the way you live your life. Is it to the potential that you may only dream of having – or like I realized – we may only experience fully when we are on “vacation”?

How do you imagine your life to be if you experienced your natural greatness everyday? If you let go of everything thats stopping you & rather than run away from your fears – you were driven to run towards your mission of sharing your gifts?

If you made a decision to freely be more of who you always wanted to be – who would you be?


Well friends, who knows.. This might just be your last chance. This may be your calling or your opportunity. You can choose to continue existing until you seize to exist. Or you can stop only existing & start seizing this moment!

This preciosus life we have may continue to be present-ed to us after 12/21/12 – and I fully believe it will more than ever before. But what if it didnt….

What if you had ONE month left to live? You had only 30 more days that you could seize?

Could you imagine what great experience your life would have…
Or better yet would you go out & play while you still can..

Will you go now and seize your day?
Be who you’ve always wanted to be!

“To be accepted, first accept your self”

“To be accepted, first accept your self.”

To enable others, we must first enable ourselves.
To allow others, we must first allow ourselves.

To receive from another, we must first receive from our self.
To share with another, we must first share with our self.

To love, first love your self.

A Test of Faith – A Rebirth of Self

There are moments in our lives that define us. At the time we may not understand, see the full picture, or feel ready – however life calls you and challenges you to step forward into the life you have only before imagined for  your self..

Life is calling

This is the moment I am experiencing right now.

I shared in my last blog that a couple weeks ago I was called to experience Burning Man in what could only be described as a stroke of a modern-day miracle. It was ultimately a test of faith by a higher power to let go of the life I was living and step into the life that I have dreamed of & deserve.

Prior to that calling I had been living a life that I could still say I was proud of in some areas, though I was no where close to the living the life I believe & know I am capable of. Since graduating from college in December 2011 I had experienced some heavy challenging patches in both my professional career and personal life. Especially in the area of relationships and feeling in harmony with the enviroment around me. It was as if I had yet to clearly discover what the right role was for me now that I was in the “real world”, and life kept spitting me out of the parts of my life that I was trying to force my self to fit into.

It felt like my whole world was crumbling all around me, yet instead of being brave enough to completely step out of it I saw my self clinging on to the comfort of staying in a world that I had known and was used to.

Leap of Faith

I knew something was bound to happen, and that it would have to happen soon. So with a week until Burning Man I was called to take a leap of faith. An oppourtunity presented it self for me to attend the Burning Man festival for a fraction of the cost (nearly free actually). I hesitated with the idea for a few days then after receiving support from great friends and reflecting on what I knew was a test of faith, I decided to finally take the leap!

With only a few days until the start of the event I quite my job – though I made sure to keep a good relationship with my boss/mentor manager – and started making last-minute preparations for this adventure towards a new self. I found a ride online, read up on what I needed to know online, borrowed things from friends, and positioned my self to be ready for a life transformation.


I’ll share more on my actual experience at Burning Man in a later blog because this was only stage one of my new journey..

You see I had another destination awaiting for me that I am about to step into today. The Digital Detox: A retreat into the Redwood forests in the backyard of the city I was born in – Ukiah, California.


This retreat had been postponed from August, though after I was called to Burning Man it all made sense.

  • Burning Man would be an experience to represent the death of my old self.
  • And The Digital Detox retreat would be the rebirth of my new self.

So at a time in my life that could likely not be more perfect that it is at the present time – I embark on this journey..

This adventure into nature – In the backyard of where I first entered this life.

This exploration of self – A journey to reconnect with my true self.

This next stage of the transformation – The rebirth of who I am destined to be!

Burning of an Old Self – Burning Man (part I)

Burning of the Man

The Burning of an Old Self – Burning Man (part I)

I’ve been brainstorming on this blog for a few days now and I’m determined to publish a piece of it before I leave the coffee shop I’m at in San Francisco today! That said, I’ve decided to break up this story into a few pieces – here is part one.

What is Burning Man?

I had heard of Burning Man from a few different people over the course of the past year. I heard stories and saw a few pictures of crazy parties, wicked costumes & art, partial nudity & full nudity, extreme weather conditions, and life transformations. Though the truth is that with a week leading up to the start of Burning Man I didn’t really know much about it, let alone did I imagine my self being a part of it this year.

Burning Man icon

In short, I can now tell you that Burning Man is one of the most unique experiences modern man is able to participate in today’s world. The experience of Burning Man takes you to an uninhibited desert in northern Nevada called Black Rock City. You are faced with extreme desert conditions that helps keep only the bravest of souls to join the community now 50,000+ strong that create the city of Black Rock City. For one week a year the Black Rock Desert transforms from an empty desert into the canvas for the 3rd largest City in the State of Nevada. Then it vanishes completely in accordance with one the primary values of Burning Man – “Leave No Trace Behind.”

Burning Man aerial, 2011

The event and the symbolic burning of “The Man” represents uniquely different things for many uniquely different people. I have heard the burning of the man be described as “sticking it to ‘the man’ (or the institutional power of our society)”, as an escape from the reality of our current world, and even as a pagan festival in celebration of fire & earth. To me however, going into it Burning Man meant something different altogether from much of what I had heard.For my self Burning Man represented the burning of an old self. As I find my self where I am now in life and all that I am in search of I couldn’t imagine a more fitting experience to metaphorically recreate my self. To me, and as I’m sure for some others too, the burning of “The Man” was like the mystical story of the burning of The Phoenix. At a certain moment in the life of the Phoenix it would experience a transformation of self in which it would literally burn it self and from its ashes would bring the birth of new and evolved self that would rise into a new life.

Burning of the Man

This was the opportunity that my life presented to me with the chance to attend Burning Man 2012. It was something that I can now confidently say I manifested, though I can more faithfully share that I was called to experience…


Blog inspired by my virgin (1st year) experience at Burning Man 2012.

Written in San Francisco, California.






A Moment of Meditation

It’s amazing what happens when you are able to take a brief pause to take a few breaths.

I did that just now and the short 7 minutes that I sat down to meditate for felt like an eternity of peace.

meditating by the sea and sun

I was able to feel the sun rays being absorbed by my body. I felt the wind graze through my hair and provide a cool breeze that I felt rising through my spine. I actually experienced and slowed down enough to enjoy what we do likely more than anything else everyday of our lives – breath.

It became something I no longer took for granted but was truly grateful for: the ability to breath in life and release it as well.

With each breath I felt stronger. I become more confident. And ultimate I allowed my self to be more present – realizing that in that breath, this moment was a gift that I am able to enjoy and experience.

enjoy the silence

7 minutes was all that it took for me to experience all of that, and so much more that could never be explained through words.

I encourage you to try it sometime for your self. You will likely be surprised at how easy it and how refreshing you will feel after doing it!

Now, since I realize some people have no clue where to begin – no worries I was the same way when I began practicing mediation a few months ago & I am often asked by friends what the process is to meditate when I bring up this subject – I want to share some tools that might help you out if you’re interested to try.

1) Video: “How to Meditate in a Moment”

Here is a video that I recently discovered that is a great walk through of how you can mediate for just 1 minute.

(And I’m sure we could all spare a minute to try something new!)

2) Universal Breathing – Pranayama Free

This is an app that I have on both my phone and iPad to help me meditate. I use it almost every time that I meditate right now and it has been very helpful for me as well as a few friends who I have shared this with.

It’s FREE for the 7 minute setting – which is why I usually meditate for that much time right now.

Check it out and download the app for free.

If you end up trying it for your self sometime, or even now, can you let me know what you think and how the experience was for you?

And also, I don’t meditate all the time my self so I am humbly open to learning more from others who have tried to meditate or meditate regularly them selves.

Experience Your Destiny

Experience this moment.
Experience your destiny.

Right here.
Right NOW.

For it is before,
Though not ahead of you,
Because to live your destiny
You must experience it


Right Here.