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A Test of Faith – A Rebirth of Self

There are moments in our lives that define us. At the time we may not understand, see the full picture, or feel ready – however life calls you and challenges you to step forward into the life you have only before imagined for  your self..

Life is calling

This is the moment I am experiencing right now.

I shared in my last blog that a couple weeks ago I was called to experience Burning Man in what could only be described as a stroke of a modern-day miracle. It was ultimately a test of faith by a higher power to let go of the life I was living and step into the life that I have dreamed of & deserve.

Prior to that calling I had been living a life that I could still say I was proud of in some areas, though I was no where close to the living the life I believe & know I am capable of. Since graduating from college in December 2011 I had experienced some heavy challenging patches in both my professional career and personal life. Especially in the area of relationships and feeling in harmony with the enviroment around me. It was as if I had yet to clearly discover what the right role was for me now that I was in the “real world”, and life kept spitting me out of the parts of my life that I was trying to force my self to fit into.

It felt like my whole world was crumbling all around me, yet instead of being brave enough to completely step out of it I saw my self clinging on to the comfort of staying in a world that I had known and was used to.

Leap of Faith

I knew something was bound to happen, and that it would have to happen soon. So with a week until Burning Man I was called to take a leap of faith. An oppourtunity presented it self for me to attend the Burning Man festival for a fraction of the cost (nearly free actually). I hesitated with the idea for a few days then after receiving support from great friends and reflecting on what I knew was a test of faith, I decided to finally take the leap!

With only a few days until the start of the event I quite my job – though I made sure to keep a good relationship with my boss/mentor manager – and started making last-minute preparations for this adventure towards a new self. I found a ride online, read up on what I needed to know online, borrowed things from friends, and positioned my self to be ready for a life transformation.


I’ll share more on my actual experience at Burning Man in a later blog because this was only stage one of my new journey..

You see I had another destination awaiting for me that I am about to step into today. The Digital Detox: A retreat into the Redwood forests in the backyard of the city I was born in – Ukiah, California.


This retreat had been postponed from August, though after I was called to Burning Man it all made sense.

  • Burning Man would be an experience to represent the death of my old self.
  • And The Digital Detox retreat would be the rebirth of my new self.

So at a time in my life that could likely not be more perfect that it is at the present time – I embark on this journey..

This adventure into nature – In the backyard of where I first entered this life.

This exploration of self – A journey to reconnect with my true self.

This next stage of the transformation – The rebirth of who I am destined to be!