What does it mean to live life to the MAX? This is the story of a journey exploring what it means to experience a life to its full & infinite potential!

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1 Month Left to Live

Imagine that this was the case in your life. Someone told you that in exactly 30 days you would seize to exist.

The circumstance could range from your body having a built up devastating virus, you’re in the midst of a warfare of greed & power that’s only getting worse, or because of a foretold prophecy that the “world would end” according to the calendar of a mystical ancient civilization.

Regardless of story, imagine for a moment that this was the truth that awaited you.. Or better yet play with the idea..


I want to share a piece of my own story as an example of what playing with this is able to produce.

See I have personally done just that since the start of September when I made the decision to take on this perspective of imagining the “world to end” on December 21,2012. With this in mind my view of life became altered in a way that I imagined having only a little over 3 months to bring my life to be all that I ever imagined it to be.

At the time I was in the midst of A Personal Pilgrimage Adventure that allowed me to experience life to a whole new level! Though soon after I was back home from my travels & exploration I realized that my true Pilgrimage of Transformation was just beginning.

The experiences I had on that trip made me tune in with the abundant possibilities of life – I went to Burning Man to experience a giving community, I meet two of my biggest real life superheroes (Richard Branson & Tony Robbins – both of which I shared a gift with), and I visited the city I was born in to experience true connection through the sound of silence. This lifestyle was something that I wanted to experience still now that I was home, yet it was a challenge to come even close to that frequency. This was something I confidently knew I was able to do, though it would take me overcoming some of my deepest fears to truly allow..

So I did just that. I stopped running away from all the areas I before avoided of my self & I faced them. It was truly one of the most challenging times of my life to uncover so much & realize how my resentment torward some of my past had impacted my life for so many years in a manner that didnt serve me to live one of my greatest values in life – JOY. I said enough is enough & I made one of the bravest decision I may have ever made in my life to let go.


By beginning this journey of letting go I felt as if this invisible though emmense burden I have forever carried was melting away. Then a magical thing happen, I began to feel space inside of me that I had almost never known to exist. And from this space I was now able to freely be more of who I always wanted to be.

I discovered that I could be a marketing consultant completely on my own, & by October I had my 1st paying client who I was proud to provide my services too. I was able to take the stage at two business conference to groups of people that were eager to receive my gifts & wisdom. I even took on the role I have always dreamed of by being a dedicated life coach with someone who reached out to ask for my counsel from another part of the world.

More importantly I was able to focus on myself & connect with my full being! I made deep connections with amazing people at a level that was even stronger than what I was used to instantly sharing. Plus I was now developing the courage to experience my life purpose & gift of “helping create communities of infinite potential!” I was at last allowing my self to share my greatness that I know I am destined to be.


That’s has been my story that I share with you to provide a glimpse of an example to what embarking on this journey could potentially be for you. I’ve learned a great deal recently that we are all on our own adventure & the last thing we should do is compare ourselves to the lives of others. However, I do encourage you to observe the way you live your life. Is it to the potential that you may only dream of having – or like I realized – we may only experience fully when we are on “vacation”?

How do you imagine your life to be if you experienced your natural greatness everyday? If you let go of everything thats stopping you & rather than run away from your fears – you were driven to run towards your mission of sharing your gifts?

If you made a decision to freely be more of who you always wanted to be – who would you be?


Well friends, who knows.. This might just be your last chance. This may be your calling or your opportunity. You can choose to continue existing until you seize to exist. Or you can stop only existing & start seizing this moment!

This preciosus life we have may continue to be present-ed to us after 12/21/12 – and I fully believe it will more than ever before. But what if it didnt….

What if you had ONE month left to live? You had only 30 more days that you could seize?

Could you imagine what great experience your life would have…
Or better yet would you go out & play while you still can..

Will you go now and seize your day?
Be who you’ve always wanted to be!